Why Choose Sutherland Plumbing?

Best Practice:

There is always more than one way to do something - the repair and/or replacement of plumbing pipes and fixtures is no exception! It starts and ends with meeting and then exceeding our customers' expectations. At Sutherland Plumbing, our entire business is centered on exceeding those expectations and making raving fans of our customers. We do that by passionately applying one rule to everything we do - “Always use best practice over mandatory minimum standard." Here's an example of best practice over minimum requirement: Your car - does it absolutely need air conditioning, power steering, power windows and locks etc. in order to meet minimum requirements? These items certainly cost a little extra - however at what expense if they were missing? There are inevitably dozens if not hundreds of examples that could be used in everything we buy. Often people unfamiliar with the plumbing trade find out after it's too late what that expense is when minimum standards were used instead of best practice for their plumbing repair/installation. Sutherland Plumbing takes pride in best practice as a default when providing solutions to your plumbing needs.

Half the Truth Is Still Lying:

Today is no different than in the past - businesses compete over price and sometimes price alone. One way businesses do this is to quote cheap prices over the phone or advertise low rates and then tell you what its really going to cost once they are in your home or business. A.K.A “the bait and switch!” The cheap rate over the phone is often half the truth. The low rate or quote “sight unseen” may not include or cover a variety of items and usually costs extra. Sutherland Plumbing technicians will look at the issue, explain the process in detail and answer all of your questions prior to work commencing. This way you know what your options are and what costs those options carry before any work begins!

Doing it by the Book:

Sutherland Plumbing carries and keeps current ALL the necessary insurances, bonds and licenses required by federal, state and local agencies. These insurances, bonds and licenses are in place to protect YOU, the customer and your property. For more information read 16 Ways to Avoid Remodeling, Repair and Construction Problems

Drug Free Employees:

Sutherland Plumbing screens each employee to ensure your technician is NOT in a mind altered state while providing services for you.